Management Consulting Services

"Are you an established organization looking to optimize or expand your business or simply looking at alternatives to archaic processes. Yoda can help take your organization to the next level."

Services Designed to Meet Your Goals

  • Increasing focus on the costs in healthcare is forcing delivery organizations to redefine their basic set of processes and activities to deliver better care.
  • Various business models today describe the resources, processes, and cost assumptions that an organization makes and its potential to the delivery of a unique value proposition to each stakeholder.

Comprehensive Healthcare Services

Advanced Technological Solutions

We provide access to numerous technological solutions that match your unique needs to help you solve your business’ biggest problems.

Strategy, Planning, and Growth

We have built and managed companies at all levels of the healthcare industry. From day to day operations, strategy development, revenue cycle management, we have you covered.

Increase Revenues

Our consultants can help your organization drive revenue back to your organization by helping to renegotiate rates and establish easier processes with your contracted partners. We can also help to recoup funds for owed claims on past and current contacts.

Interim Management Services

Providing Interim C-level and senior management services to organizations in leadership transition. Our team provide initial assessment services to your organization.

Comprehensive Healthplan Solutions

We offer Healthplan and Payor contracting services. Our expertise in complex negotiations and contract design in advanced payment models can assist your organization in taking your revenue to the next level.

Financial Management

Financial management is the bedrock for any successful organization. Our team of seasoned financial minds are ready to assist you in all aspect of revenue cycle and cost containment measures. See our “Financial Management” section for more in depth services.